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Summer 20/21 - Wellbeing Champions Update

The wellbeing champions have been incredibly busy this year. We have been raising the awareness of wellbeing and mental health especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into consideration the year group bubbles, we have thought creatively and used our imagination to achieve our aims such as creating relaxation bottles, putting together a phase assembly and designing posters for staff to donate plant pots! Also, we have been recording stories from the “Book of Hope” to share stories filled with inspiration, resilience and gratitude. We hope to leave Mellor knowing we have had a positive impact on everyone’s mental health!

Autumn 21/22 - Wellbeing Champions Update

This year, the wellbeing champions are working really hard to continue to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing! We have met several times already and thought of lots of ideas for the year. We have ordered wellbeing lanyards and got badges so everyone knows who we are. We have put together a wellbeing home school challenge about what we do “when the going gets tough” and these will be put on display to share some great ideas. Also, we have been trained in ELSA (Exhale, Listen, Share, Agree) to help sort out small problems on the playground - we look forward to helping as many children as possible. Our next projects include giving out mystery seeds to each class, helping develop the calm area and recording wellbeing videos to help everyone’s mental health!  

Spring 21/22 - Wellbeing Champions Update

We have been busy organising Children’s Mental Health Week activities this half term. We have created a home school challenge which looks at eating healthy and sharing our healthy lifestyles. We thought of a BINGO card full of activities to help improve mental health in all the year groups. Also, we are making our mystery seed pots and these will be given out on the first day after half term. This will be a great surprise to all the children when they come back!  
We have been using Exhale, Listen, Share, Agree on the playground and it has been really helpful to the children. It has helped the children develop their character traits like independence. Our SPARKs performance this year has looked at dyslexia and has helped children understand that we are all special in our own way.  



"When The Going Gets Tough.." Display
Wellbeing Champions set a home school challenge for children to think about coping strategies for when they get stressed. These were put on a communal display.
Conflict Resolution
Wellbeing Champions have a lanyard to be identified. They are trained in ELSA  (Exhale, Listen, Share and Agree) to resolve conflicts on the playground.
Motivational quotes
Wellbeing Champions researched into motivational quotes and these are displayed outside each classroom.
Raising money for Great British Legion
For Remembrance Day, Wellbeing Champions were involved in selling poppies to raise money. We raised around £160.
Mystery Plant Pots
Wellbeing Champions researched into calming plants and each classroom have received a plant pot. Once they have flowered, they will be put into the calm area.


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