Mellor Community Primary School

School Ethos & Values

Mellor Vision Statement

Be the best you can be

Mellor Core Values

  • We put children first
  • We welcome our parents/carers and the community into the school
  • We respect each other
  • We work as a team
  • We are committed to continuous improvement

At Mellor we provide:

  • A planned and relevant curriculum
  • A learning environment that supports linguistic and cultural diversity
  • A safe and caring environment that fosters good relationships and behaviour
  • A respectful and supportive partnership between staff, children and parents
  • A close and interactive relationship between Mellor and its wider community
  • A professional environment in which all staff have the opportunity to develop their thinking and professional practice

Mellor Ethos

The ethos of our school is highly inclusive and harmony and understanding are promoted through the sentiments expressed in the school's assembly thought.  The ethos focuses on forging positive relationships and encourages confidence and resilience in our pupils.

May the faith in ourselves and our beliefs

Teach us how to respect one another.

May we seek to protect our planet Earth

For it gives us life and is our home.

May we strive to live in peace and harmony.

Mellor Character Vocabulary

Our character vocabulary builds upon our existing values, ethos and drive to be the best we can be.  Learning Powers are highlighted in green and Weekly Values are highlighted in red.  Words also link to our Statement of British Values and our Assembly Thought. 

Before character becomes an integral part of teaching and learning the basic concept must first be taught.  It is important that children internalise the idea of Growth Mindset – that we all possess the full range of characteristics celebrated and that they can strengthen all of these capacities through sustained effort.  Part of our role as teachers is to explore new ways to develop these transferable and valued human traits in order that we provide our pupils with the very best life chances to succeed.