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Summer Term 20/21 - School Council Update

We are taking part in the Rocket Round Leicester programme, which is a fundraising event for LOROS hospice. We have decorated a rocket, which will join many others in a trail over Leicester this Summer. School Council asked the children to create designs based on the themes ‘Our School - Mellor’ and ‘Our City – Leicester’. Pupils created some imaginative artwork, which celebrates the diversity both at Mellor and in Leicester. The School Council representatives selected designs to be drawn onto our school’s rocket and many children from across the school were involved in painting the rocket. Our school’s rocket has been named Unity XXI. 

Autumn Term 21/22 - School Council Update

School council reps have been elected in each KS1/KS2 class. The reps have attended meetings and, in the short time they have been in post, have made an impact to both the school and local community. During the interview process for lunchtime supervisors, school council reps interviewed and offered their thoughts on the suitability of candidates for the role. A further example of pupils affecting change was around lunchtimes. This involved reps discussing a request from pupils, generating solutions and asking for a vote within classes. This resulted in the introduction of a rota for school dinners. School Council take a lead on fundraising and the final total raised for LOROS stands at £1,958. The coin collection cards was successful in engaging families in our fundraising efforts. In Autumn 2, the reps have chosen to support the Guide Dogs UK charity and have suggested an animal theme dress up. The day will include a visit from a guide dog and educate children on the importance of service dogs.

Spring Term 21/22 - School Council Update

For our school’s fundraising in the second half of the Autumn term, School Council reps chose to support the Guide Dogs UK charity. We asked everyone to come to school dressed in an animal theme and created a PowerPoint with dress up ideas. We had a visit from a guide dog and we learnt about the importance of service dogs. As a school, we raised £485 for Guide Dogs UK.

The next charity we have chosen to support is Spark Arts. As the Creativity Council do a lot of work with the Arts, we wrote to them and asked for their help in deciding on a dress up idea. They have decided that on Friday 11th February, our school will be a Colour Wonderland and all children and adults will be dressed colourful.

We have also made a start on a couple of long-term projects. We have collected ideas from children about a class set of books they would like. Our next jobs will be to work out the cost and plan the fundraising needed to buy these.

School Council reps visited the space where the Calm Area is being developed. We are at the planning stage and we suggested some ideas (types of plants, different seating ideas, chimes and a water feature) to include in the area and where they could be placed. We have asked Amar to create a sketch based on our ideas.



Rocket Round Leicester

Our Rocket Round Leicester journey began with an immersive opportunity for our children. They were curious and excited at a mysterious package being delivered to the school. Our school council representatives created a video to reveal the jet and set the children the task of creating designs that would go onto our school’s rocket. Themes that appear on the artwork are our school’s values and diversity in Leicester which led to the pupils naming the jet Unity XXI. Following the selection of designs, the children decorated the rocket. As part of the Rocket Round Leicester project, our rocket was displayed in Leicester City Centre over Summer 2021. At Mellor, our children recognise the importance of charity. They developed their knowledge of the great work done at our local hospice, LOROS, and raised an impressive £1,958.

Mysterious Object at Mellor

Mysterious Object Reveal

Guide Dogs UK

School Council reps chose to fundraising for Guide Dogs UK. There were live talks streamed from the school hall by a representative from Guide Dogs UK and a guide dog owner. Following the talks, the guide dog and her owner visited the children in the classrooms. This was an excellent opportunity for the children to ask questions and understand the importance of service doges. School Council requested all children and adults to dress in an animal theme and also share the dress up ideas. In total, we raised £485 for Guide Dogs UK.


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