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Subject Information: Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education (R.E) is a valued subject at Mellor Community Primary School.  It is fundamental to understanding, appreciating and responding to the world in which we live. It is therefore a subject that will be essential to pupils beyond their school life as they navigate their own lives and encounter ways of life and beliefs that are different from their own.  Leicester is a vibrant multi-cultural city and it is important to us that our pupils are aware of this and have an appreciation and respect for the diversity of their local area. 

Pupils are provided with subject specific knowledge regarding a variety of religions so that they have a strong foundation of key concepts, beliefs, practices and vocabulary associated with each. Our pupils start to experience learning about religion in the Early Years through stories, discussion and the expressive arts. Our goal is to be able to build on pupils’ learning at each stage so that as they progress throughout school, they are able consolidate, develop and deepen their learning. Throughout our RE curriculum we embed the time and attention for subject specific skills as we recognise their importance of gaining depth within the subject.  Examples of the subject specific skills that we promote include enquiry, discussion, comparing across beliefs and religions, co-operating, listening and responding with respect. By incorporating British Values into our curriculum, our ambition for our pupils is that they will be able to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt and carry the confidence and understanding to be respectful citizens.



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