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At Mellor we recognise the importance of PE within the curriculum and are committed to providing all of our children with the opportunity to engage fully in high quality lessons. Our PE curriculum is designed to be progressive and aims to revise, build upon and challenge the knowledge and skills taught in each previous year. We teach children to move safely in the space around them which transfers to them being confident, competent movers in all areas of life. Our pupils are allowed time to re-cap and practise in order to safely become competent at each stage of their learning which develops confidence and motivates them to participate fully in PE. In turn, this builds the foundation for a lifelong love of sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. We aspire for all of our children to have the knowledge on which to make informed choices to live a healthy, active lifestyle as they grow up. If you start active and have positive experiences within PE, you are more likely to stay active. PE lessons encourage children to improve their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills. They experience challenging themselves personally and also understanding healthy competition against others, learning how to win and lose respectfully. PE supports character development through learning skills such as leadership, independence, communication, teamwork, respect, resilience, determination and self-belief amongst many others which prepares our children to face the challenges they will come across throughout their lives.


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