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Subject Information: Oracy

At Mellor Primary school, Oracy is prioritised across the school. We understand that language development is of vital importance to our pupils. We use this as our motivation to improve our children’s spoken language and vocabulary. These skills have a positive impact on their wider learning. We believe that Oracy is not a stand-alone subject and therefore is embedded into our school pedagogy and is woven into all aspects of daily school life.
Many pupils start early school life at Mellor without the Oracy skills necessary for their age. We strive to develop their spoken language skills through the Oracy based curriculum, ethos of the staff and through a dialogic classroom. At Mellor we have high expectations of spoken English and children’s listening skills. We strive for our pupils to find their own voice as we believe this is vital for their future success. We aspire for all our pupils to be confident speakers when expressing their opinions and ideas in a respectful and supportive environment. We aim for children to leave Mellor Primary school being able to speak clearly to a variety of audiences, to articulate and express their thoughts and ideas and conduct and participate in discussion.


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