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Autumn 21/22 - Mellor Journalists Update

We are the Mellor Mercury Journalists and we have been working really hard to get ready for the first issue of the Mellor Mercury.
We have spent time discussing what news stories would be interesting for other children to read and which ones would be important to teach others about. Some of us have written about Mellor news, like what is happening with the badgers, while others have written about local or international news, such as telling everyone about Rocket Round Leicester or teaching people about what is happening in Afghanistan.
We have learnt how to structure our news stories and how to interview someone. Some of our articles needed a lot of research before we could write them and some needed to be edited. Learning these skills has been really useful because it means that we now feel confident in our new role as journalists.

Spring 21/22 - Mellor Journalists Update

This term, we have enjoyed developing our abilities as journalists. We now have dedicated time during an after-school club to discuss, write and edit our work. As Mellor Mercury journalists, we have worked very hard on making sure we are creating exciting and accurate articles.
We have been interviewing staff and students for our stories to learn more about them and what they do. This was a bit nerve wracking but also interesting to learn more about the focus of the interview. We also have several plans to interview different pupil groups in school for future articles. Another focus of ours has been experimenting with our language choices, so that the younger children can better understand what they are reading. This has meant that we have had to be more creative with our writing and practise evaluating our work. As journalists, we have needed to carry out thorough research to ensure that our stories are interesting and informative, especially when writing about local or global news and events such as the COP26 summit and World Art Day.


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