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Meet the Team

We are the Mellor Mercury Journalists!

The team include Year 4, 5 and 6 children who have curious, inquisitive minds who strive to keep the Mellor pupils aware of current events from within our school community as well as the outside world.

We meet every Monday after school to share ideas, research our articles and to write up our stories to be considered for the upcoming editions.

We are always looking for new, creative minds to join our thriving team. If you are a Year 4, 5 or 6 pupil, and someone who loves asking questions and has a passion for writing, then you can submit a short, written application to Kieran stating why you feel you would be great for the role.


Reports to Governors 

Spring Term 23/24

We have been keeping busy here at the Mellor Mercury, and experiencing some slight changes. We have been given special roles as correspondents which reflect our own, personal interests. We are continuing to write about events that are happening in our school and local area, as well as current events nationally and internationally. As well as this, we will soon be welcoming some new members from Years 4 and 5 to our Journalist team.

Finally, we decided that we will no longer meet every Monday after school. Instead we will continue to write our articles from home when we can, and send them to Kieran for inclusion in the latest editions of the paper. We will meet every few weeks during lunchtimes at school, briefly, to go through any updates or ideas for upcoming projects and initiatives.

We’re also hoping to welcome a special guest to one of our meetings in the Summer term who has experience in working for a newspaper, and who will be willing to share their knowledge and tips with us.We’re excited about what the rest of this school year will bring to our group.

Summer Term 22/23

We at the Mellor Mercury have undergone some exciting developments in the last few months.

Our most recent issue has just been published containing, as always, a run-down of the actions of the various school clubs and councils, along with events from the outside world that have an effect on us.

We were excited to reveal our new Mellor Mercury logo. It echoes logos of classic newspapers from the past and present. The team worked together to provide sketches and ideas of how they would like it to look, and these were incorporated into our final decision.

The journalists have decided that, in order to make their articles accessible to all, they will provide audio recordings to be included on the DB pages. In addition to this, we have been providing laminated versions of the latest issues to the assembly hall for pupils to read during their lunchbreaks. This has been received very positively and we are hoping to produce more copies in the coming weeks in order to reach as many readers as possible.

As the Mellor Mercury is written by the pupils, for all the pupils, we have also opted to provide copies of the newspaper that include pictures of the many projects undertaken by the Mellor school clubs and councils to be enjoyed by pupils and adults of all ages. These will be available along with our next issue.

Spring Term 22/23 

The Mellor Mercury Team have had a very proactive and productive half term. Our new members have hit the ground running in terms of producing content and honing their craft. We hope to incorporate elements of studying current, contemporary news articles into our weekly meetings in order to further identify and practice journalistic techniques.

Our new suggestions box has helped us explore other areas of journalism for future editions of the paper, such as movie reviews and more sports-related pieces.

We have displayed new posters around the school advertising some of the articles from the most recent editions, and are hoping to include copies of current articles in the assembly hall to be perused by the pupils during lunchtimes. We plan to include audio features to articles in the next edition on DB, allowing more children to access the content.

Attempts have been made to include more articles that are related to the work that the many Mellor Pupil Voice groups have been doing, such as promoting projects from the Creative Council, Eco-Council and the School Council.

We are excited about what new features the Mellor Mercury can offer to the school in the next few months.

Autumn 22/23

We are the Mellor Mercury Journalists. Having spent time settling back in and welcoming new members to the team, we are proud to have recently produced and released our first issue of the Mellor Mercury of this academic year. We plan to recruit several more members in the coming weeks.

Our more senior members have been fantastic in helping the new members with the technical aspects of the role. We have published articles that we feel are of relevance and interest to the pupils of the school. These include an interview with Amy W about Zoology, advice on how to stay safe during Halloween, and an insight into the work that our Digital Leaders do at Mellor.

In the next few weeks, we plan to install a suggestion box next to our Mellor Mercury display, where pupils from the school can give us feedback into what types of stories they would like to hear more about.



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