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Subject Information: Geography

The intent of our geography curriculum is to develop our children’s understanding and knowledge of the world, as well as their place in it. It focuses on having a deeper understanding of the world and the impact they are having on it and are inspired to make a positive change. The school and city’s rich geographical location is celebrated and embedded throughout our curriculum to develop a deep understanding of their locality. We strive towards inspiring children to develop a curious and fascination about the world and its people including first-hand experience through experiential learning opportunities.

Vocabulary development is core to the teaching of Geography and children are expected to use subject specific vocabulary when exploring and summarising their understanding. This language will continue to be used in their later lives.  Children are expected to demonstrate their developing oracy skills through a range of opportunities which include discussion-based learning, sharing and asking questions, looking at primary and secondary resources and an oracy assessment.

Through an enquiry based approached, children’s fundamental geographical knowledge and concepts are developed each year, building on prior knowledge so pupils have deeper learning. This allows our students to advance their rational thinking skills in addition to developing a sense of curiosity and excitement about geography.


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