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Meet the Team

The Eco Council are a team of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils who are interested in sustainability and the environment. We work together throughout the year on projects which cover the 7 principles of eco schools, to try and become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable school, as well as work towards maintaining our Green Flag status. We facilitate and engage in projects both as an Eco Council and those which involve other pupil voice groups and the whole school community for maximum impact.

The Eco Council meets regularly to engage in projects and share ideas about tasks which have been set on our DB Primary page.

In order to become an Eco Councilor, we have to create a presentation which we share with our classes as to why we think we should be selected for the Eco Council and what skills and qualities we can bring to the role. The class then votes for and elects for the most suitable candidate.

Report to Governors 23/24

Autumn Term 23/24 - Eco Council Update

We are the 2023/24 Eco Reps for Mellor. Some of us are the same as last year.

Year 6 – Roxen, Amirah,

Year 5 – Navya, Manel, Het

Year 4 – Sachi, Shubham, Amaan

This is what we have been up to:

  • Old eco reps chatted to the new recruits about what we do as a group, and what we worked on last year.
  • Lisa told us we got the Green Flag Award last year, which are all super pleased about.
  • Lisa took our pictures for the eco board.
  • We have started to complete the Environmental Review to see what areas we want to work on this year for the Green Flag renewal.

Reports to Governors 22/23

Summer Term 22/23 - Eco Council Update

This is what we have been up to since the last report:

  • We met with Beccy to discuss our Mealbarrow Menu and the seasonal produce that we could grow. Lisa then set us the task on DB Primary to come up with some meal ideas. Our final menu has now been submitted.
  • The most exciting thing we have done is our ‘Whale Project’. Firstly, we managed to get the net for our whale at a bargain price by emailing a company and then talking to them over the telephone (with Lisa) about our project and he really kindly sold us a net at a bargain price. We then worked with Kate Griffiths over 3 days to complete the whale. It is currently drying out and Lisa, Kate, Bhav and Chirag are then going to put it up. We have also created some posters to be put up also, to show the impact of plastics on our oceans. You can see the progress of the whale below

Next Steps:

  • Put whale under canopy
  • Grow our meal barrow and take it to Abbey Pumping Station (with Beccy’s help)
  • Complete and submit our Green Flag Award

Eco Council Summer 22/23 Update

Autumn Term 22/23 - Eco Council Update

We are the 2022/23 Eco Reps for Mellor.
Year 6 – Francis, Ravi, Logan
Year 5 – Ali, Amirah, Roxen
Year 4 – Het, Manel, Navya
This is what we have been up to:
•    Environmental Review – we completed the review together by walking around school, and discussing the points on the review.
•    Brita Filter Bin Competition – we had to design a recycling bin for Brita Water to do with ‘whale watchers’ and why plastic is bad for our oceans.
•    Discussed a plastic project with Kate Bull to create a large whale filled with plastics rubbish to show the impact of plastics on the oceans (still at idea stage).
•    Discussed the Eco Roadshow on Wednesday 16th November and given permission slips
•    Picked potatoes with Beccy for Year 3’s cooking.
•    We monitored the energy in classrooms, as part of our environmental review.
•    Had our pictures taken for the Eco board.
Next Steps
•    We are looking forward to the Eco Roadshow we are attending at Rushey Mead on 16.11.22.
•    To look at our environmental review, decide on actions and write plan.

Projects 22-23

Whale Project

Green Flag Award

Projects 21-22


We have been working really hard to help to reduce the amount of energy we use in schools. Each class has now recruited an energy monitor for their classrooms to take responsibility for turning off equipment when not in use, and when the room is not occupied. In addition, each room/office within the school has these stickers placed on all equipment that needs to be turned off.

In a bid to reduce our use of energy even more, we are in the process of producing ‘reminder’ posters for each classroom to be displayed at the exit of the room, as a further reminder to turn off electronics when leaving the room, and being left unoccupied.

Waste & Litter

We have recently installed a special ‘packet’ recycling bin in our school hall, so that pupils who have packed lunches can put their packaging in there to be recycled – even the packets that say ‘do not recycle’.


We have a litter pick planned before the Easter holidays – watch this space to see how we got on…

Plastic Free Poster

Eco Council on X