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Digital Leaders

Meet the Team

We are the Mellor Digital Leaders.


The Digital leaders consist of Year 5 and 6 pupils who have a passion for computing and technology. We meet on a regular basis to develop our skills and knowledge within computing.  We regularly support our peers and teachers across the school with Computing and lead e-safety assemblies for EYFS, Key stage 1 and 2.

Reports to Governors 22/23

Spring Term 22/23 - Digital Leaders Update

We have been responsible for delivering key messages from our meetings back to children in our classes and across the school. One of our key roles is to understand how different devices work and how to put the equipment away safely. We have an in-depth knowledge of E-safety which is at the core of computing. We have continued our Microsoft Excel project and have also learnt how to use formulae to produce graphs that illustrated data from the World Cup. We have also been helping setup a laptop with the A/V trolley in the main hall for phase assemblies, as well as monitoring the ICT Suite and reporting back any issues with computers. Finally, we have prepared and rehearsed a Safer Internet Day assembly with the theme; ‘Want to talk about it’ and delivered Safer Internet Day assemblies to all classes using PowerPoint presentations

Autumn Term 22/23 - Digital Leaders Update

We have been meeting with the ICT manager every Thursday for training. Year 5 digital leaders have been recruited this year and we have looked at making sure everyone in the group has updated skills to support our peers across the school.
With Hemant, we have been looking at the schools’ online subscriptions and have been provided with information on how to support classes with reporting issues or helping them log on. We have also learnt how to set up iPads and how to connect to wireless speakers. One of the key training elements was looking at a dismantled PC, looking at components and then having the opportunity to remove and attach parts again.
We are going to be looking at understanding MS Excel and how to use basic add, subtract and multiply functions. We are also looking forward to supporting phase leaders with setting up a laptop to the projector to deliver their assemblies.

Report to Governors 21/22

Summer 21/22 - Digital Leaders Update

We have been going to weekly Digital Leader meetings with Hemant to learn new skills. We loved learning how to dismantle a computer and a laptop.  We learnt about the different components and the function they provide. We also then had the opportunity to reassemble the computer and laptop with Hemant. Another part of our training was to learn how to use the AV trollies to support teachers deliver assemblies. We now understand what connections are needed for audio, visual projector and power. We have now begun to support assemblies and will be continuing to help visitors and teachers set up their laptop for presentations. This term, we also met with the Chair of Governors to discuss our role within the school and ways we share important information on how to keep safe online.

One of our latest tasks have been to create a short biography on why we have chosen to be Digital Leaders. We are also learning about our role models and who inspires us in the world of computing. We are looking forward to meeting an ICT expert to find out about how we can use our skills in the future. Finally, we are now working with our ICT manager to recruit more Digital Leaders to join our team next academic year. 

Spring 21/22 - Digital Leaders Update

As Digital leaders we have been attending training by the ICT manager. We have learnt how to use LAN school,  the new iPads and charging trolley and how to use our new wireless speakers using bluetooth. It has also been our first time using a 3D printer. We are looking forward to creating our own digital leader badges with our names on. One of our proud achievements this term has been presenting to different classes on how to be safe online and how to report incidents. Overall, we have enjoyed our role and we are looking forward to more projects to come!

Autumn 21/22 - Digital Leaders Update

Six digital leaders have been appointed to help support computing lessons in classrooms (Year 5 & 6). Our main role is to understand how different devices work and how to put the equipment away safely. We have an in-depth knowledge of E-safety which is at the core of computing. Throughout the academic year, we will be trained in using different applications that support our computing scheme so we can support other pupils in the class and staff.


 Safer Internet Day 2022

Mellor Digital Leaders presented 2 assemblies to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 all about Safer Internet Day. View the assemblies below:

Key Stage 1:

Key Stage 2:

3D Printing Project

Mellor Digital Leaders had the opportunity to use a 3D printer which was loaned to the school for 1 month. The Digital Leaders decided to create their own 3D Digital Leaders badge, learn how it was created by watching this video:


Digital Leaders on Twitter 22-23









Digital Leaders on Twitter 21-22