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Summer 20/21 - Creativity Council Update

We have been very busy in the Creative Council over the last few months; these are some of the things we have been up to.
In May, an artist from SPARK arts came to visit the school and not only did we all get to watch her perform but we also got to meet with her as a hub and interview her. We spent some time in the weeks leading up to the visit researching her and creating a bank of questions we could ask her. Then on the day we came up with some questions based on her performance we saw. We are now planning to perform and film our own short performance pieces inspired by her visit, which will be the final part of our Arts Award process.
We have also helped create and update the new Mellor Art Gallery in the main corridor. Each month, one of the Creative Council Hubs will meet to come up with a new competition based on a chosen theme. Then they will meet again to decide their favourite 20 pieces to go on display and also choose a five ‘Judge’s Winners’. So far, the year 6 hub have run a competition based on the theme of ‘nature’ and they have met to judge the winners – a process they found really hard! The 20 winners are all on display. Currently, the year 5 have set a new competition based on ‘Oceans’. The idea is to encourage the whole school to get involved and to celebrate the work with the whole school.
Finally, we are working alongside the School Council to create a sculpture (or piece of outdoor artwork) for the new ‘Calm Space’ on the main playground. We have met to discuss ideas and will be meeting with the School Council to discuss this further.

Autumn 21/22 - Creativity Council Update

This year, we are involved in a number of projects in and out of school. In year 5 and 6, we are working with SPARK Arts to deliver a Take Over Day at the Curve Theatre in February 2022. The idea behind this is that we take charge of the building for a day and run a series of fun, interactive sessions for the public to take part in. This year we are teaming up with Ash Field School. We have been attending planning sessions for the big day and working on how to manage a budget of £1500! In year 4, we are working on a smaller exhibition as part of the Arts Award process. We will be working with Shaftesbury Juniors to create a shared exhibition at Cross Corners. The theme for this is ‘Light’ and will draw influence from Diwali and other festivals of light. The aim is to complete the Arts Award process so the exhibition is ready for the end of November. Once it is up and running, we will be inviting classes to come and look at the work also.
Following on from last year, we will also be working on the Mellor Art Gallery in the main corridor. Each year group will come up with a theme and set it as a whole school challenge. The first theme will be based on Black History Month and artwork from all classes will be displayed in the gallery. To help celebrate the wonderful work from across the school, we have also put up a number of frames around the school for previous Judge’s Winners to be displayed.

Spring 21/22 - Creativity Council Update

This term has been another busy term for the Creative Council! In the Creative Council Year 5/6 hub, we have been working hard to plan the Take Over day on February 12th at the Curve theatre. We came up with the official title of ‘The Festival of Kindness’ and had a range of different meetings with SPARK Arts about how to plan for the event, manage a budget and advertise the event successfully. The day was a great success and we loved the experience of being responsible for such a large event.

In the Year 4 Creative Council hub, we have been involved in two exciting projects this term. We had a 3d printer on loan so we came up with a project to show the whole school how amazing it was. We learnt how to use it and then made some models of our own. We then secretly put these in classrooms to create some mystery and made our own video showing how they were made! We then asked the children to come up with an idea for how the printer should be used and what we should make. The idea we chose was new door stops for all classrooms and we got to make them using the printer.

The other project we have been involved in is a radio project with SPARK Arts. Before SPARK week, we met with a radio presenter who showed us how to create a podcast and how to use different radio equipment. It was really exciting! Then during SPARK week, we got to watch all the shows and create our own podcasts reviewing the performances and interviewing the audience. The podcasts are available on the SPARK website using the link: The Spark Arts for Children - Hear All About It

Finally, this term, we have set the new theme for the Mellor Art Gallery which was ‘Climate Change’. We chose this as we all feel it is such an important topic to discuss and we wanted to see how the children at Mellor could show this using art. The pictures have all been collected and the winners will be judged and displayed in March.



Curve Theatre Take Over Festival

Take Over Day Planning (21-22)

Visiting the Curve theatre to plan for the Take Over Day

First planning session and collecting ideas for the Take Over Day

Final planning session at the Curve Theatre, one week before the Take Over Day

The Creative Council Team at the Take Over Festival – Saturday 12th February

The Radio Podcast Project

Radio Podcast Project (21-22)

The Radio Podcast Project: The year 4 Creative Council record their own podcasts about the SPARKs performances they watched.

Meeting Theatre Critics

Theatre Critics (21-22)

The Creative Council met with theatre critics to discuss how to review a performance.

Exhibition Setup

Setting Up Exhibition

The year 4 Creative Council children setting up the exhibition at Cross Corners to celebrate the year 4 Arts Award project based on ‘Light’.


Take Over & Radio Podcast Evaluation (21-22)

The Creative Council pupils evaluating the Take Over and Radio Project with SPARK Arts.


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