Mellor Community Primary School

Subject Information: Maths

Our mathematics curriculum equips pupils with tools that include the ability to calculate securely in all four operations, a comprehensive understanding of the number system, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways. It is designed to enable children to learn key knowledge, practise, consolidate and apply and master them. For children to be successful mathematicians, with the ability to reason and problem-solve, they must feel safe in the classroom environment to take safe risks with their answers. During problem-solving and reasoning parts of maths lessons, there can be a range of different answers and challenges the children face, so they must feel safe and secure in knowing that it is ok if their answer is not ‘correct’. Children learn about mathematics wherever possible in a context so that they understand how it relates to real life. We aspire for our children to leave our school being numerate and able to function in the wider world of education and careers, with future success giving them opportunities in life.



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