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Pupil Safety

How safe will it be for my child to come back to school?
Public Health England (PHE) is clear that the risk of catching coronavirus (COVID-19) is low if schools apply a system of stringent controls to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This includes regular handwashing and cleaning measures. At Mellor we are doing everything we can to make our school as safe as possible. A full risk assessment of the building has been made and all staff are being trained in a strict set of health and safety protocols. We ask that parents support us by following the school procedures so we can continue to make the return to school as safe as possible for all involved.

Will my child be expected to socially distance in primary school?
In light of government changes, 'bubbles' are no longer necessary. We will continue to avoid unnecessary mixing of year groups. We will continue to follow our risk assessment to make sure the school environment is as safe as possible. If there were a local outbreak, it may become necessary to reintroduce 'bubbles' for a temporary period to reduce mixing between groups.

How will the class teacher socially distance from my child?
There is no requirement to maintain social distancing. Class teachers have a set of strict health and safety protocols to follow which include avoiding unnecessary contact.

Should I be wearing a mask, should my child be wearing a mask?
Face coverings are no longer legally required in classrooms or in communal areas. We do however, recommend that face coverings are worn by adults during drop off and collection periods.

What do I do if my child is not well?
If your child is not feeling well, please do not send them to school. If they, are displaying COVID-19 symptoms; a new persistent cough, high temperature/fever, loss of smell/taste, please do not send your child to school. This is very important so that we can limit the potential spread of infection to others. If you suspect your child has symptoms, please contact the school to let us know and we will advise you on what to do. Anyone displaying symptoms should get a PCR test. If the test is negative, your child will be able to return to school as soon as they feel well enough to do so. Please inform us of any test results as soon as possible.

If my child displays symptoms but receives a negative test result can they return to school?
Yes, if your child is displaying symptoms, we recommend that they get tested as soon as possible. If they then receive a negative test result they will be able to return to school as soon as they are well enough to do so. We ask that you make us aware of the negative test result prior to your child's return.

I am self-isolating because I have tested positive for COVID-19 can my child come to school?
From the 16th August, children under the age of 18, will no longer be required to isolate if they are contacted by NHS Test &Trace and identified as a close contact of a positive case. Instead, they will be advised to take a daily lateral flow test for 7 days and will not need to self-isolate. Anyone who tests positive following the lateral flow test will still be legally required to self-isolate, irrespective of their vaccination status or age in order to break onward chains of transmission.

I am self-isolating because I have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with COVID-19 can my child come to school?
From 16 August, if you have been fully vaccinated you will be exempt from the requirement to self-isolate if you are a contact of a positive case. Children under the age of 18, will also no longer be required to isolate if they are a close contact. You will instead be advised to take daily lateral flow tests for 7 days. Your child will still be able to attend school on the basis that they do not develop any COVID-19 symptoms.

Will my child be sent home if there is a positive case in their year group bubble?
There are no year group bubbles. If there is a positive case, NHS Test and Trace will work with the positive case to identify close contacts. Children will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace, informed they have been in close contact with a positive case and advised to take daily lateral flow test for 7 days. 

My child has tested positive for COVID-19, when can they return to school? 

If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 they will be required to isolate. On the morning of day 5 and day 6 of isolation, your child will be required to take a lateral flow test. If your child tests negative on both day 5 and 6 they can return to school on day 6. Your child must have two negative lateral flow tests 24 hours apart before they are able to return back to school. 


Which days will my child be attending school?
The school will open fully on Wednesday 25th August to all statutory aged children.

Is it compulsory for my child to attend school?
Returning to school is vital for children's education and we know how essential it is for their mental wellbeing to have social interactions with their peers and teachers. We also know that time out of school can have a negative impact on children's learning and academic development. For these reasons the government has made school attendance mandatory for children in England from the start of the Autumn term unless there is a COVID-19 related reason why they cannot come to school.

Drop Off & Collection Times

What time do I drop off and collect my child?
There will be no staggered timings. Please see below for the drop off and collect times.

Year Group Reception - Year 6
Drop Off 8.45am - 8.55am


Year Group Nursery am Nursery pm 
Drop Off 8.30am 12.20pm
Collection 11.30am 3.20pm

As a parent how would I avoid cross contamination during the collection and dropping off of children?
We recommend wearing face coverings during these times. Once you have dropped/collected your child, please leave the school grounds as soon as possible to reduce numbers on site.

Travelling to School

Where do I drop and collect my child?
Please enter the school via the Checketts Road or Clarke Street entrances. The class teacher will be ready to greet your child and they will enter their line. Please aim to leave your child's designated drop off/collection areas as soon as possible. When you collect your child on their designated playground, your child will be lined up and will be dismissed by the class teacher. Please see the table below for year group drop off/collection areas.

Year Group Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Years 3,4,5 & 6
Drop Off Classroom Door Reception Gate Year 1 Playground Nursery Playground Gate Main Playground
Collection Classroom Door Reception Playground Year 1 Playground Nursery Playground Main Playground

My child is in Y6, can they walk to and from school by themselves?
If you are confident that your Y6 child is able to walk to and from school by themselves safely, we would be happy for them to do so, as this helps to reduce the number of individuals around the school site. If you would like your child to walk by themselves, a risk assessment will need to be completed first and these can be requested via email to the school office office@mellor.leicester.sch.uk A member of school staff will then contact you to complete the risk assessment over the phone.office@mellor.leicester.sch.uk A member of school staff will then contact you to complete the risk assessment over the phone.

Will there be a school crossing guide available to support my child cross the road?
A crossing guide will be available as normal to help children cross Checketts Road at the start of the new term.

Personal Belongings and School Uniform

Does my child need to bring in their own stationary?
No, we are asking children not to bring in their own stationary from home, as this will be provided for them. Children only need to bring in a water bottle, PE kit and packed lunch (unless they are staying for school dinners).

Does my child need to wear school uniform?
Yes, all children will be asked to attend school in school uniform. Children will need to bring their indoor/outdoor PE kit into school and get changed in school. Public Health England's guidance is that uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more often than usual, nor do they need to be cleaned using methods which are different from normal. However, we suggest that you wash your child's uniform regularly and make sure it is clean before they come to school.


Will after school clubs be running as normal?
There is a range of after school clubs running. These include a number of sports, art and homework clubs. 

How will my class teacher support my child's mental wellbeing, on their return to school?
We recognise that your child may be experiencing a variety of emotions in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, such as anxiety, stress or low mood. When children return to school, class teachers will be working hard to address these anxieties and considerable time will be dedicated to supporting children's positive mental wellbeing with plenty of opportunities for children to explore and discuss their feelings around the pandemic.

If my child is sent home to self-isolate how will they continue learning?
We have a familiar system for remote learning to support any child(ren) who are unable to attend school due to COVID-19 reasons. This will mean that children will receive contact from school staff and will have specific work to undertake each day they are off school. We have additional guidance on our remote learning provision on our school website. We will aim to support families who are unable to access remote learning through the loan of digital devices as far as possible. Please note as school attendance will be mandatory from the Autumn term, it is expected that all children who can attend, do attend, as such remote learning will not be provided to children where parents/carers choose to keep them at home.

Meeting with School Staff

What do I do if I need to speak to my child's class teacher or a member of school staff?
If you need to speak to a member of school staff we ask that you consider the use of phone calls or emails in the first instance. Where a face to face meeting is required these will be conducted on an appointment basis only. Parents are asked to email office@mellor.leicester.sch.uk and a member of office staff will then contact them to arrange an appropriate time and date. A suitable room will then need to be booked and we ask that only one parent attend the meeting. Parents/carers will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to the building using the stations provided.


Will hot meals be provided as normal?
We will be providing hot meals. Reception, Y1 and Y2 will enter the hall at their designated time and sit down, meals will be served to them at their tables. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 will go directly to their tables (packed lunches) or to the serving hatch (school dinners) to collect their meals. Please click here to visit the School Menus page. 


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