Mellor Community Primary School

British Values & SMSC

At Mellor we uphold the British Values; Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Acceptance of Different Faiths and Beliefs. These are closely linked to our school values, Respect, Equality, Courage, Co-operation, Inspiration, Determination and Friendship which are considered and celebrated on a weekly rotation.

Statement of British Values:


British Values at Mellor Community Primary School

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SMSC at Mellor Community Primary School

In addition, further evidence of how these values are integrated within both daily school life and our curriculum can be found in our SMSC at Mellor document below.


Anti-Racism Pledge

At Mellor Community Primary School we operate a zero-tolerance approach towards all discrimination. We believe it is imperative to address racism in all its forms and offer our unambiguous support to all our students, staff, governors, parents, carers and guardians who are racialised as Black or a Person of Colour.  We wish to reassure you that all matters of racial discrimination, whether it presents itself overtly or covertly, will be handled with the upmost care and importance. We are very aware that
education is a powerful vehicle of change and as such, we pledge to teach about racism, develop
our anti-racist policies and practices and engage in dialogue to ensure that each of us can feel
proud to belong to an Anti-Racist School.