Mellor Community Primary School

Subject Information: Art & Design

The intent of our art curriculum is to expose our pupils to a range of different arts and develop key skills needed to create their own artwork. Pupils throughout the school are given opportunities to produce creative work, explore their ideas and recording their experiences.

Experiential learning opportunities are created by working with external agencies to forming positive working partnerships. This means our pupils can experience different forms of art and express themselves creatively. Regular visits to our own Arts Centre (Cross Corners) provides pupils with immersive, deeper learning sessions that revisit key learning objectives and vocabulary.

Vocabulary development is core to the teaching of Art and children are expected to use subject specific vocabulary when exploring and summarising their understanding. This language will continue to be used in their later lives.  Children are expected to demonstrate their developing oracy skills through a range of opportunities which include discussion based learning, sharing and asking questions and looking at artwork.



Curriculum Documents


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